Monday 19 July 2010

Experiments with the ATX-1080 antenna

Last weekend I took the time to experiment with the ATX-1080 antenna. My expectations of this type of antennas have never been high. Now I have a somewhat different view.

In the limited manual of this antenna is discussed by making a counterpoise for them as possible to function. This manual is a guideline given for each band. After some soldering,cut and try, I came to the following lengths:
A counterpoise for 20M, length approximately 3.9M
A counterpoise for 17M, length approximately 3M
A counterpoise for 10M, length approximately 2M

Almost 3 segments of the telescope extended, counterpoise for 20M in use.
10 segments of the telescope extended, counterpoise for 20M in use.
5 segments of the telescope extended, counterpoise for 17M in use.
8 extended segments of the telescope, counterpoise for 10M in use.
10 segments of the telescope extended, counterpoise for 10M in use.

During these experiments, I made a few QSO's:
9A2YM (20M cw)
OK1AUZ (20M cw)
UA1CE (20M cw)
SV2HJQ (20M ssb)
On the Friday before I made 2 QSO's with Lithuania on 30M.

At all QSO's I had an output of 2.5 Watts. My FT817nd was on the dining table (see) with rear mounted antenna. The counterpoise lying on the ground.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Very, very good. I love to read of these success stories when QRP and that sort of antenna (and indoors no less!!!} is used. I expect that the antenna placement and construction of your home (wood perhaps?) is also a factor.


  2. Hello Dick,

    I live in an apartment, second floor. The walls are stone and concrete, the building is almost 30 years old. The table where the antenna gets up is from wood, hi. So, I haven't a wooden house.

    73, Tjeerd (Gose)

  3. Just great, Tjeerd. The fact that you are in a concrete apartment building is amazing. I wonder what would happen if you changed your station position to one closer to a large window. The antenna being next to that open area might even be more effective.

    Just to continue the experiment, hi.

    73 de Dick