Monday 3 September 2012

Dipole for 6 meters.

Looking back on this weekend, it was the one with various activities.

Saturday to the construction market for materials to make up for the jobs ...
Result: a new shelf in the bathroom.

On this Saturday, I also installed a dipole for 6 meters on the balcony. Some weeks ago there were made 2 mounting points. Cord for the suspension of the construction already bought in the construction market.
According to the internal meter of the FT817nd transceiver the SWR is good.

This Es season is nearly at the end and therefore is the chance to hear signals or to make a qso very nil.
I called Bert, PA1B, to make a sked for a signal on 6. This went very difficult about this short distance. Reason not clear.
Then Cees, PA0CKV, in Tiel called. This contact was also very laborious, distance 25 km.

So slowly I went doubt to the functioning of the dipole, despite the good SWR. Cees told me that he hears almost every day LX0SIX on 50.021. I turn my FT817nd on that frequency and heard this beacon. Over a few hours, with different strengths, this beacon is for me almost constantly audible. Antenna works!

Later in the evening there was suddenly EG4ANA from IN80AS square. A special station that used a disused channel 2 antenna. With much effort I worked this station. My output 5 watts SSB.
The antenna works!

Today (Monday) I hear the beacon ON0SIX regularly.

Unfortunately of the Es season, I will have to wait until next year.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ