Monday 29 March 2010

WSPR (QRPP) heard on several bands

With the attenuator of 10dB my signal is still heard, even though the distances are less.

This weekend I was active on 40/30/20 meters with the output of 500mW. At this moment I am tuned to 40M, see listPicture of activity on 40M.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Wednesday 24 March 2010

WSPR with 500mW

A good friend of my builded a 10dB attenuator. This means that the 5 watts signal from my Yaesu FT950 decrease to approximately 500mW. Today I started on 20M and a few stations heard my qrpp signal.Drawing made by PA1B

The ideas for creating an attenuator did I found on the webpage of Bert, PA1B.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Tuesday 23 March 2010


The last 24 hours my system is listening on 20M to WSPR signals. When I'm home the system is also transmitting.
At the end of the afternoon and begin of the evening signals from the States en Japan are coming in. In the morning there only a few signals from Europe.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Saturday 13 March 2010

Bezoek vlooienmarkt Rosmalen

Vandaag met een clubje afgereisd naar Rosmalen. Doorstroom bij de kassa ging vrij snel, ondanks dat de route niet helemaal logisch was.

Enige uurtjes langs de kramen gelopen, eerst kon ik mijn boodschappenlijstje niet vinden, uiteindelijk toch onder in mijn jaszak.
Bijna alles kunnen kopen: Helaas zijn de weerstanden die als "2 watts weerstanden" aan mij werden verkocht niet geschikt voor dit vermogen, toch een beetje bekocht. Verder wat BC557/BC547 transistoren, een kastje voor de verzwakker, wat draad en 2 boeken.
Het linker boek kocht ik nieuw en het rechter boek voor slechts
€ 2,-- , ziet er ongelezen uit.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Monday 8 March 2010

WSPR 30M, first time Japan

This afternoon I have build up my station for WSPR to receive and transmit. It's on 30M and after some minutes the data rolled over my the screen.
Pretty soon I noticed that my signal was heard in Australia. One station from Japan reported also my signal. This is the first time that my WSPR signal is heard in Japan.
In the evening I receive not to much cause interference in the reception by TV. Unfortunately my antenna can not be build up outside my apartment.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Friday 5 March 2010

WSPR on 30M, heard by VK's

In the last few days my WSPR signal on 30M was received in VK and ZL.
Today I came earlier at home and set the WSPR software to transmit. After the first period of almost 2 minutes the first results rolled over my screen. As you can see in the overview my signal is heard by 2 stations in Australia for more periods.
Today I set the filter in my FT950 at 850 Hz, this was on 1500Hz before.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Thursday 4 March 2010

ZL station heard my WSPR signal on 30M

Yesterday a station from Australia heard my signal, today the distance record is broken.

If I'm not at home my laptop/transceiver is only listen to WSPR signals. Via the internet I saw that I've heard the signal of ZL2FT this afternoon for a few times with nice signals.
When I came home I put the software in the transmit mode to see what happened.
ZL2FT heard my signal 1 period. A new distance record, 18464 km.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ

Wednesday 3 March 2010

VK heard my WSPR signal on 30M

After the absence of some days I build up my transceiver and antenna for WSPR receive. After a few minutes, my signal is heard by several stations.
Great was my surprise when I saw that VK2GR in QF56LG reported my signal, a distance of 16602 km. This my longest distance with WSPR until now.

Not bad for 5 watts in a magnetic loop in my apartment.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ