Monday 26 July 2010

QSO on 20M & Limerick Sudden receiver

Today I have made a cw qso on 20M with HA8LTQ. It was a "normal" qso where we both could share our details, like: name, name of the town and the equipment we used. This was on my side the FT817nd with 2.5 watts and the ATX-1080 antenna on the back of the set mounted.

Today I prepare the sides of the print and enclosure for the Limerick Sudden receiver with a neat file. Next week I can start soldering, as there is time.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Hello Tjeerd. Looks like you are having fun with the ATX-1080.
    I have an FT-817ND, and I am looking for good portable HF antenna, so any experience you I am greatly interested in. I am not good with CW, so most my operating is digi modes and SSB ...



  2. Hello Andre,

    Yes, until now I have a lot of fun with this antenna. Some day I hope to use this antenna in the field. Today we have rain and I have to work the rest of the week.
    It looks like double qrp with this kind of antenna.

    73, Tjeerd

  3. Hallo Tjeerd, het weer is prima om te gaan solderen. Succes met je project. 73 Paul

  4. Ik had hier vandaag aardig weer op mijn vrije dag. Met het solderen daarom nog niet begonnen.

    73, Tjeerd