Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The resistors are mounted, Iler20 project

Last weekend I started, after reading the manual several times, with soldering the resistors on the PCB.
Iler20 project
All 51 resistors are mounted, except P3, the AF control.
The next step are the capacitors. I'm lucky that I didn't continue directly with it.
Today I got a email from Javier,EA3GCY, the developer of this kit. In this email he write that it's better to use 12 pF for the capacitors C15 to C19, instead of 22pF. With the value of 22pF the IF bandwidth is below 2KHz. Properly to small for SSB.

Thanks for this advice Javier!

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. The build is looking great and I find the winter months is always great to get kits going. I am working on another Elecraft K2.
    Keep us posted with the build.

  2. Gelukkig kreeg je die net op tijd binnen. Succes verder! 73 Paul

  3. Hoi Tjeerd ik heb ook zo'n kit; overgenomen van iemand die er geen tijd of zin in had. Is die van jou al af? Gebruik je een dds?

    73's Ton PA1PXL

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  5. Ton,

    Het lukt mij nu een reactie hier te schrijven. Inmiddels heb je antwoord.

    73, Tjeerd