Monday 7 June 2010

a great day with Es on 6 meters.

Today was a day with almost the entire day Es on 6 meters. I made my first qso at 7:20 UTC with Poland. The last QSO for this day was at 10:24 UTC with 2M0DDS in Scotland. In the meantime I have made a total of 8 QSO's and did some other things in the house. I made the qso's with ssb/cw. My conclusion is that I make the most qso's with cw.
This afternoon I had my weekly sport.

At present there is still Es on 6 meters but there are also other things in life than just this hobby.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Hi Tjeerd:

    You are correct with the radio hobby, try to keep a balance between it and your home life - it is sometimes difficult especially when there is good propagation on the bands - good dx'ing on 6m!

    73 Peter

  2. Peter,

    when you try to keep a balance then you can enjoy the hobby. It should not be a obsession.

    Enjoy your day,
    Tjeerd (Gose)