Sunday 23 May 2010

Portable experiment for today.

During this Sunday, I had the goal to go into the field with my FT817nd and mobile whip for 20M. I had the mobile whip for 6M also taken with me. With the internal battery the output is 2.5 watts.

When arrived on location in JO21QW I parked the car on the side of the road and put the ground wire of about 5 meters rolled out across the grass. With the rig in the hand this way I got a good SWR. In terms of reception I was very pleased. In about 2 hours I worked to my great surprise, 3 stations.
RW1CW, who was working in a contest.
IV3NVD, they always called with a reference of UD128 (What is this mean?).
Finally I worked with Rick, TK5/F2PI/M. This station was mobile in Corsica with 100 watts from the car and mobile antenna.

I have also called to several other stations, including OH0/PA3BAG. Jack heard me but it was not a complete QSO.
On 6 meters I heard some weak signals, calls had no effect. In the beaconband I heard SV3BSF.

The experiment was successfull for this day. It is possible to use a very small antenna, even if it takes more effort.
Last week I found this site about this way of operating made by Roger G3XBM.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Good results Tjeerd. On a nice sunny day this sort of operation can be a lot of fun.

    73s Roger G3XBM

  2. Sounds like an enjoyable was to spend a day! Great job!

  3. Hallo Tjeerd, je blog stond niet meer in mijn blogroll... heel vreemd. Maar je staat er weer bij. Ja, je kunt mobiel heel leuke verbindingen maken. Ik heb ook voor 20 meter een mono whip. Werkt perfect. The Miracle whip is ook prima, kan ik ook mee op 6 meter werken. Mobiel werken komt er nu nog niet van omdat ik door activiteiten van de kinderen niet echt weg kan. En de XYL is op vakantie in Ierland. Dus... het komt er nog wel van. 73 Paul