Saturday 18 February 2012

APRS from my car

A few weeks ago I was thinking about an old wish to do anything with APRS from the mobile. I have this working from home and in my opinion it’s static

Searching on the internet for a tracker, I came through ebay on the following APRS tracker + GPS receiver inside.

I ordered and within a week it was neatly delivered. The idea was to use it in combination with the ICOM IC-228H. I bought a serial 1:1 cable and cut one plug. On this side I soldered a 8-pin microphone plug, what a hassle.
From the beginning it worked almost equal. Reception is not yet fully functional, with a C of 4.7nF in the audio line it would also be good to go.

Today I planned a trip. First to Hillegom. Then via Leiden to The Hague. From there, via Rotterdam to Tiel.
My trip.
On my way to Hillegom I used only 5 watts, more was not possible from the cigarette lighter. In Hillegom I received a battery that is ideally suited for this purpose. The full power of the set can be use without problems.

I will not be qrv with APRS every time I drive my care. This will be incidental.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Good to see you on APRS,


    Chris, G4HYG

  2. Thanks for you comment Chris.

    Today I had also a little tour. But almost on the end the external power supply was empty.

    73, Tjeerd (Gose)

  3. Hi Tjeerd, dus ik kan je nu volgen via APRS. Ja leuk. Ik zie regelmatig amateurs rondrijden op APRS site. 73 Paul

  4. GM Paul,

    Inderdaad, je kan mij incidenteel volgen.
    Woon- Werkverkeer doe ik moet het OV. Als ik privé een rit maak zal ik het zo nu en dan in de auto installeren.

    Iedereen kan meekijken dus dat is voor mij zeker iets om rekening mee te houden.

    73, Tjeerd