Monday, 8 August 2011

SOTA activation PA-005 PA7ZEE/P & PA3GNZ/P

A few weeks ago there was the plan, together with Geert, PA7ZEE who had been here before, to activate SOTA PA-005 "The Galgenberg".
Last Saturday, August 6, we decided to go. According to the expectations it could remain dry until around noon. To protect us for some rain we had a fish-umbrella with us.

First we have to set-up the DX-wire pole for the delta loop, then my FT817nd connected. Currently, we discovered that the Elecraft T1 tuner did not work, so first I tried only 20 m. I made 5 qso’s in SSB with only 5 watts output.
Meanwhile, Geert set-up the 30 m long wire for the KX1, a tree throw, which succeeded already the second time! The counterpoise of 3 times 10 meters was disheveled and we accepted that as a fact.
Once called on 7032 kHz and Geert made within 6 minutes 5 qso's, a little pile up!

Our objective for a SOTA point, at least 4 qso's per person, had already met.

Around 8:45 UTC, we switched from place and I made 3 QSOs with the KX1. What an experience to work with this set!
Meanwhile Geert tried to solve the problem with the T1, and he succeed at the end. The procedure is first 'power' button and then follow the instructions on the box.
Then I could make a CW QSO on 40 m with my FT817nd.

Almost on the end of our activation, I switch to 30 m and made a QSO with LA9RY. Knut was on his holiday address on an island with IOTA reference EU-055.

The forecast for later in the day was thunderstorms and heavy showers and around 10 hours UTC we managed to get everything dry in the car.
After some food and a drink in the 'Termiekbel’, we drove to Tiel. Geert had very heavy rains on his way to Amstelveen. Just luck and a little weather knowledge, helped to look back on a successfull SOTA activation.

Thanks to Geert. With his support this expedition was physically possible for me.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Hallo Tjeerd, een SOTA aktivatie in Nederland. Wist niet dat dat kon? En gezien het SOTA nr. zijn er meer "bergen". Je snapt misschien wel dat ik me er helemaal niets bij kan voorstellen. De enige bergen hier zijn wierden en terpen. Mooi dat jullie doel gehaald is en dat het weer tijdens de DXpeditie goed bleef. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas,

    In Nederland moet je meer aan "heuvels" denken, zie

    We zaten daar midden op de hei en de ontvangst was zo rustig.

    73, Tjeerd

    23:15, even flinke onweer hier daarom even uit bed.

  3. Hallo Tjeerd en Bas, wat dacht je van een duintop? die kunnen best hoog zijn. Mooie resultaten Tjeerd. En het is leuk om dit soort buiten activiteiten te doen. 73 Paul

  4. Good morning Tjeed, sounds like the day just had about every event that one could imagine.

  5. The report updated with photos.

    Helaas, een duintop telt niet mee voor het SOTA programma.

    73, Tjeerd