Monday 9 August 2010

QRP on 20M

This morning I setup my portable situation on the dining table. This means the FT817nd with internal battery and on the back of the transceiver the ATX-1080 antenna.

First it seemed very quiet on 20M but during the morning I heard a few signals. While I had other activities in the house, I leave the transceiver on 14.060. Suddenly I heard HB9DAX CQ'íng. After one reply Man(fred) came back for me. We made a nice qso, the transmit speed of Man(fred) was a little bit to high for me. So, I have to concentrate me more than normal.

When I removed my setup from the table I wanted to move in the telescope. This is always stiff and one of the thinner parts nodded. It can still be moved in and out but it is not pretty.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. I continue to be impressed with the results you achieve using the ATX antenna. Very good.
    73 Dick

  2. Hoi Tjeerd, toch een verbluffend resultaat. Heel bijzonder. 73 Paul