Monday 14 June 2010

How long does a computer live?

Yesterday I came home after a weekend in Utrecht. When all things were cleaned up I started my computer. There appeared some reports that I made me not optimistic. After a restart everything seemed to function normally.
This morning started the computer again but this time the monitor was just on and off again, the situation remained so. Checked all cables but this did not solved the problem. Luckily I have a spare monitor and it works simply. Unfortunately, this screen is smaller and the resolution has to get used to.

My computer is almost worn out after 5,5 years loyal service.

After my weekly sports I came home and heard on 6 meters different beacons, there was again sporadic E. Among other activities, I worked through some stations.
OY1CT in IP62LC, In the past I worked this station also on 30M.
IK5GQK in JN53OS (Florence)
And finally for this day in UX2SB in KN28IX, a new square.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ


  1. Hallo Tjeerd, ik heb sinds twee weken en nieuwe computer. Hij heeft dik 6 jaar zijn werk gedaan, en doet het nog steeds. Alleen de processor was niet snel genoeg meer om foto en video programma's goed te laten draaien. Dus ik moest wel een nieuwe. 73 Paul

  2. Hallo Paul,

    Ik denk dat er iets in de bekabeling niet goed meer is. Dit weekend probeer ik het eens op de laptop uit.
    Binnenkort krijg ik een pc van iemand die over is. Geen Windows 7 maar wel 2Mb geheugen ongeveer.

  3. If the spare monitor works with your computer, then you're getting output from the video card. Have you tried the monitor that you previously had connected to your computer on another computer to see if it still works? Also, does it display the BIOS information when the computer boots up then goes to a black screen afterwards?

    Does the monitor in question have the ability to select different inputs and perhaps it inadvertently was changed to the other one? At one point I had a monitor act this way and somehow the resolution had been set outside the capabilities of the monitor - still not sure how that happened, but I was able to connect another monitor and "reset" it.

    73 Ed N4EMG

  4. Ed,

    Thanks for your comments. The spare monitor works without any problem on this computer.
    Saturday I will try the other monitor on my laptop.

    73, Tjeerd