Sunday, 6 June 2010

Do I'm a square hunter?

This day began sunny, although the sky was overcast.
Readers of my blog will sometimes wonder if I'm square hunter on 6 meters. No, not really. This is something left over from the days when I was a DX'er on 2 meters. I am not specifically looking for new squares but it's always nice when a new square can be worked.

Today I worked around 10:30 UTC with IK5ZWU in JN53VB, a new square. Then it was quiet again for a while and on 12:00 UTC I was able to work with EI2JD in IO63VS. Not only a new square, Ireland is also a new country for me on 6 meters.

The rest of the afternoon I visited family and did some homebrew. The 2 meters fox transmitter has another crystal obtained. The transmit frequency is now 144.930 (AM) Mhz. From my 30 meters transmitter kit, I wanted to try move the frequency closer to 10.116 Mhz. The transmitter was first OK and suddenly nothing. Perhaps somewhere in the circuit a short circuit. I have yet to find out where. The stabilizer for 5V works well in any case, I have this measure.

At 17:41 UTC suddenly I heard the signal from OH4KA in KP31WN. It was easy to work him. Furthermore, I heard some beacons but no other stations.

73, Tjeerd (Gose) - PA3GNZ

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