Monday, 22 February 2010

New digital mode ROS

Last weekend I received via email a message about a new digital mode, ROS. Today I read the manual and installed the software.
Before I knew there rolled several callsigns on my screen. Then I tried to make a QSO. Within a short time I had 2 QSO's made through this new mode, ROS. The first with OH5B in Lappeenranta (KP41CB) and then YT2RA in Belgrade (KN04FT).
During the qso’s using my FT950 (10 watts) and the magnetic loop in the house.
From a 1 baud transmission with my email address, I received a automatic report from HA8ZI.
For more information about this new digital mode visite: and:

The only thing is that my SignaLink modem not switch fast between rx and tx. Maybe this is resolved in the next update of the ROS software.

73, Tjeerd - PA3GNZ


  1. This mode claims three ??? calling freqiencies, and the programmer posts false letters by US agencies (FCC) to make it seem this mode is not illegal in US. See:

    When criticism is made on the three calling frequencies incorporated in the software, people are thrown of the ROS list. Yes a great mode... and a great programmer that is not an radio amateur himself. And is blind for criticism made by radio amateurs.

    Marc, PD4U

  2. Marc,

    I'm no longer qrv with this mode. I have more fun with cw/ssb.

    73, Tjeerd